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Regent Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/13/2012
Been living here for 2 years now and this was a huge mistake. With school and work it was practically impossible to move out after the first year so we were forced to live here for a second one. Miserable...the potholes are so hard on our vehicles and they said for several months that they were going to fix the roads. Nope. The windows rattle constantly, they leak when it rains, they are always drafty even when completely shut WITH A BLANKET OVER THEM. Poor insulation make our bills in summer and winter skyrocket, even with the thermostat set very low. Very noisy children stomping through the hallways, screaming. Noisy neighbors waking us up at odd hours all the time...whether it's arguments, parties, or their children acting up and throwing fits. All the drains were clogged when we moved in, took forever to get them cleaned. Roaches EVERYWHERE...bought some Combat roach bait and it took care of them for a while, also ants. Terrible painting job. They apparently spray paint everything because there's been spray paint residue all over the carpets, bathrooms, and kitchen floors making them a whitish-gray making our feet stained. Took forever to get the floors clean and there's still residue. The exercise room is a joke. Half of the equipment in there was either broken or not working properly. Never any parking spots in the evening, and a few people take up two spots because there aren't any lines painted in some of them. It's a gamble to get onto Hurstbourne as well, some people have gotten into wrecks near the gas station trying to merge. A reminder: if you decide to live here you are paying for the square feet and location, not the quality of living; quantity not quality. You would think that for such an exorbitant price they could use the money to make the quality of living better, or at least replace the darned windows! Other than that, the neighbors seem quite friendly and the apartments are very spacious, and it's right next to 64.
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Regent Park Apartments

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