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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/26/2005
I am a college student that goes to school full-time and works just below the full-time level. I have lived at River Hill for two year-lease periods. I would like to say that one can come home to River Hill from their stressful days at work and school to enjoy the peaceful, well-kept, and well-maintained apartments, but I think it is best that I not misrepresent the quality of these apartments.<br><br>During my first stay, I lived in building M. Building M is home to 3-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments. This was my first experience of living on my own and, overall, was a pretty nice time. The biggest complaint would be the lack of maturity from one of my roommates, resulting in various complaints from River Hill residents. However, I would also like to complain about the rest of the tenants in Building M. The Indian family below us consisted of approximately 2-6 people. They seemed nice enough, but complained to the management when we merely turned on the television or walked from room to room. This was uncalled for and unjust. At the same time, the residents above us were somewhat heavy in nature and created quite a bit of noise. One roommate joked that the person above him must be able to walk through walls because he is certain that hears them going from room to room overhead, which could very well be the case, considering how thin the walls seem to be.<br><br>After the lease ran out on the building M unit, I briefly moved away before returning for a 2nd stay at River Hill (this is where the most of the fun starts!!). When looking for an apartment, I convinced a friend to get 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment at River Hill. I asked the staff if there were any specials and they informed me that Building D currently boasted a special of 2 months of free rent and only 99.00 in security deposits. I took a tour of one of the units and was immediately impressed. Building D had the largest 2-bed/2-bath apartments at River Hill and were very, very spacious. The kitchen was very large and relatively updated, the living room/dining room area was very spacious, the patio area was quite large, there was plenty of closet space, and the two bedrooms and bathrooms both appeared spacious and clean. Sounds like a great deal, right? Ohhhhhhhno!!<br><br>Upon moving in, it took no longer than a few days to meet on of our neighbors. This gentlemen was a roughly 40-year old African American and knocked on our door one evening shortly after we moved in. He asked if we could turn our television down (again pointing to the lack of buffering from the walls) because his mother was trying to sleep and she was not feeling well (oh yeah, he also had a girl overassumedly he meant woman, not girl..hopefully). We agreed to comply and he asked us if we could provide him with something to drink, with which we also complied. He seemed like a nice enough guy until a few days later. When arriving home from work one evening, this fellow asked me if I could take him to the hospital because his mother had been admitted and he had no transportation. Although somewhat skeptical, I decided to agree and take him to the hospital. After a few seconds of him being in the car, I could easily gather that he was heavily intoxicated. Once on the interstate, he told me to go ahead and drop him off at his girls place, which was in the MIDDLE OF THE ------. He then asked to borrow $20.00 for cab-fare to get home. Foolishly, I complied and he then asked if I did any drugs and informed me that he could get some for me. NO, NO DRUGS FOR ME, THANKS CRACK-HOE NEIGHBOR!!! I saw him only a few more times, was asked for rides each time, and never saw the money or him again.<br><br>Another example of the poor quality of tenants would be the -------- group above us. Judging from the number of -------- people who enter and exit the apartment everyday, there must be at least 10 people in a 2-bedroom apartment above us. A day does not go bye that they do not have a fiesta, and their music and dancing can constantly be heard. On one specific morning at 3:30am, they were so loud and so rowdy that the walls, floors, and doors were literally squeaking and shaking. It was as though a night-club was being operated above us (and perhaps, it was). I complained to management about them on various instances, but nothing was done.<br><br>Speaking of A few weeks after moving in, my roommate and I suddenly noticed an invasion of ants. It was no exaggeration to see the ants in every wall, floor, and ceiling of every room in the apartment. They could be found on furniture, on counters, and in the bathrooms. It was disgusting and was again complained about on various occasions. The worst maintenance issue was the Great Ceiling Collapse of 05. In mid-May, I started to notice an area of the ceiling directly above my shower that seemed to be dipping down a little bit. Days later, a large chunk of the ceiling was starting to tear away from the rest of the shelter and finally one evening, a huge chunk of the ceiling was found in my shower upon my return from a movie theater. I left a message on the maintenance hotline and after not hearing from management made an appearance in the office 36 hours later. It took 2-months and at least 6-8 visits to get everything taken care of, meaning we were reduced to a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment on ------ Hill for 635.00 a month. I threatened legal action and made multiple requests for a different unit, reduced rent, or other compensations with no results. It was beyond ridiculous. There have been many other issues and each took a great deal of time to see results.<br><br>The last reviewer perfectly identified the residents: College Students or ------ People. It is not uncommon to see strange and suspicious characters hanging out in the parking lot, have parking lot lights go out for month-long periods, and other insane events occurring at River Hell. It is as though the staff only pay attention to the community from the front entrance to the office building (which covers less than 5% of the entire community). They completely ignore the back-half of the community and it certainly shows.<br><br>River Hill is located at a prime spot near the corner of Zorn Avenue and Mellwood Avenue. It is close to Interstates 71, 64, and 65 and is only moments from Waterfront Park, 4th St Live, UofL, and all of the major shopping malls and entertainment venues. It should truly be an ideal place for young professionals to live, but because of neglect, poor upkeep, and shady tenants, River Hill is doomed to become more and more of a disgrace. The entire community shows its age and is in great need of an extensive overhaul. It is pretty sad to pay as much as I do and be embarrassed about where I live, but that is exactly the case.<br>
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