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River Oak Apartments

2400 Mellwood Avenue

Louisville, KY 40206



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/30/2006
And it is true, management is obviously posting their own reviews (if you knew of some of the situations it would be obvious). I think the management is finally going uphill, but they still outright lie to your face. The biggest problems you will have are: maintenance, and billing issues.<br><br>It has taken over seven months for my maintenance requests to be answered (I had drywall collapsing all over the place and water leaking when it rained). All they ever do is make excuses for how things will get fixed, and wha sucks: you can't legally get any money back if they never ever EVER fix it. Your only choice is to stop paying rent and move out.<br><br>As far as billing, I have been in the office atleast twice a month because they keep losing track of what I have paid, but I have come in to pay everything in person on time. I even had a copy of my electric bill and payment, and the one lady could not even read the bill in front of her, she did not understand what a billing period was.<br><br>Basically, the location is nice, but there are a lot of problems that I don't think are going away soon (because the place does have a lot of stuff that is beginning to fall apart). So one just has to decide if the money is worth the trouble (and I think it clearly is not).
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River Oak Apartments

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