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Rolling Hills



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2012
I have lived at Rolling Hills for a year and a half and am waiting impatiently for my lease to be up. If I could I would move out now. When I first moved in, the place was well kept. Now there is constantly trash everywhere. The back hallway of my building is a hangout for teenagers. They smoke, have sex and do whatever else. The leave a mess, including condoms. Complaints have been made to the office staff, but nothing is done, other then cleaning up the messes every time they happen. At least once a week I see cops somewhere in the complex. Additionally expect a high electric bill. There is something wrong with the apartments, as they are always exceptionally warm. Even though the winter I had to have my A/C unit running. During the summer I end up with huge bills, because it runs all the time, plus I have two fans in the apartment, and it stays at about 76 degrees, no matter how hard I try and get it cooler. I called to complain about mold, and they came in and just painted over the spot on the wall. It doesn't pay to say anything to the office, as nothing will be done, they will take care of the immediate problem but no long term fixes will occur. Parking is a nightmare, more often then not you can't park by your own building. They don't monitor how many cars any one has. So often times you are parking a building or two away. While it is nice they have two pools, it doesn't pay to go as the only people there are ------. Additionally if you live on the side that faces Westport (and make sure you ask, they didn't show me that apartment or tell me that I would be facing Westport till the day I signed my lease and then they had nothing else open) it will be EXCEPTIONALLY loud and bright. Don't bother trying to watch TV with your windows open, you won't be able to hear anything. If I had the money I would break my lease, as it is not worth the money I am paying. Instead I am stuck until my lease is up. I strongly recommend you do not live here
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Rolling Hills

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