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Summit Place



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dontmakethemistake • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/19/2005
We have lived here unhappily now for about a year. Since we first moved in, we have had rodent problems. We have complained on numerous occasions to the management about this to virtually no avail.....we are simply issued GLUE traps. Hardly what I consider good service for a "Luxury Apartment" lifestyle. We have spent $70 in ultrasonic devices to deter the mice, and finally have resorted to getting rid of them through the gruesome old-fashioned traps. As soon as we get rid of them though, more seem to come in, and we are on a second floor apartment! We finally have resorted to keeping all of our pantry food in air-tight containers, this has worked however it is definitely incovenient! Everyone we know here has, or has had, mice problems. One girl we know of has even had to move as her doctor has linked an illness to living with these rodents! No one we know here plans to renew their lease longer than 3-6 months which should be a huge caution sign for any new apartment hunter. I wish I would have had someone give me candid advice when I was looking. It would have saved much distress this past year. <br> Its a great area.....if I were to do it all over again I would consider Shadow Ridge or Crowne at the Summit. We have friends at both and they havent had ANY problems. Crowne is a bit nicer but Shadow Ridge has phenomenal office staff, they allow you to paint, and they will even install a new light fixture for you if you choose to purchase one! <br> Please dont view this as a negative rant....I genuinely mean this as an honest warning, believe me-- you really dont want to live here!!!!
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Summit Place

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