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The Imperial House



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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My husband and I have lived here since July of 2008. We have a 1 bedroom apartment on the 5th floor. If we have the money, we'll probably be moving out when our lease is up but only because we now have a one year old little boy and need more room. THE BAD: The area around the building is not very desirable, especially if you have kids. (Not Imperial House's fault though) Since it IS a high-rise, if power goes out, you're walking down 1-10 flights of stairs! (Our power was only out for maybe an hour or two though -tops- even during the past 2 ice storms when other places and houses were out for weeks) Apartments are very large (especially the kitchen) so if you're looking for room, you won't find much here. THE GOOD: Though the apartments may be smaller, they are very reasonably priced and still in great condition. They come equipped with a dishwasher, fridge and stove that have always worked every day that we've lived here. The air conditioning/heating can get touchy at times but if you let the office know, they're pretty good about fixing it. Ours has only messed up once or twice but work GREAT now! They have gated parking so even though the area behind the apartment is the hood, I've yet to hear of cars being broken into or vandalized. They have security from 6 pm to 6 am at the front door where visitors must sign in and tell who they are visiting and what room number. (No, anyone CAN'T get in because you have to have a key or be buzzed in to get in, the guard isn't allowed to even let a pizza guy in... so don't forget your keys!) The other residents are generally very friendly and polite. Obviously not EVERYONE is gonna be a saint but DUH! We're late on our rent frequently but the staff is STILL very polite an friendly, they never treat us like crap or give us any problems. You TRULY would have to provoke them to get them riled up. They know us by name, they know our little boy and treat us like family almost. Maintenance is great as well. They're always polite and courtious as well. We've NEVER had a problem with leaks, windows or anything like that. I take half hour showers sometimes and it'll JUST be starting to go chilly after 30 min. They have a laundry card system downstairs, a wonderful community room where we held our son's first birthday party, a gym (small but hey)and even vending machines for late night munchies! LoL! They have a nice pool. Yes, they leave it full in the winter so it looks gross but they drain it in mid-spring, SCRUB IT THOROUGHLY, re-paint if needed, and refill it. They have a maintenance man out there EVERY morning to clean out any leaves or bugs that may have wound up in there overnight, and they have a filter system constantly going! I can't blame them for not draining it during the winter. If they drained it dry, the winter would take quite a toll on the cement, paint, drainage system, etc. Besides, who cares what the pool looks like when it's 15 degrees outside? It's always immaculate and clean by the time it gets warm! Basically, Yes, it's in a crowded area so you WILL hear noises outside from the surrounding neighborhood, Yes, parking can be a bi*ch sometimes, yes, there are some maintenance problems occasionally, yes, it's a high-rise so if power goes out - you're walking, and yes, the pool looks like crap during the winter. We are moving because I'm not comfortable with the area so I can't take my son for a walk and we need a bigger place but if we ended up having to re-sign our lease, I wouldn't be angry. All in all, Imperial House is a good place to live so long as you're not looking for Hilton Hotel standards for Best Western prices. In my opinion, the good far outweighs the bad!
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The Imperial House

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