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The Imperial House



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
Imperial House is a mixed bag. It is difficult to get things fixed. There are major water issues d/t roofing. The pool is frequently closed. The model you are shown does NOT match the actual apartment you recieve. There are no lights in the bedrooms or other rooms. Only over head lighting even in the remodeled apartments is in living room/kitchen area. There is a huge (1 1/2 inch to 2 inch) gap between where the door meets the floor, so you definitely have to figure out how to not loose your a/c or heat. It would be nice if before you moved in they weather stripped that area. Don't bother with an updated/renovated apartment. It's like putting lipstick on a pig. Not worth the price. The management is not prompt at returning your call/emails. There is a laundry facility for every floor-HOWEVER- the machines frequently don't work. Also, there are only 2 machines (washer/dryer) for each floor, so it can be difficult to your laundry during high volumes times. D/t lack of adequate laundry facilities, people will throw your laundry out if you are not there to immediately pick it up. I suggest setting a timer so your clothes don't end up on the floor. Also, the room is not heated or cooled. Typically it is ridiculously hot in the rooms! The maitenance staff is helpful; however, they are over worked and just don't have adequate time to address all the problems there are in this older building. I really think the mainenance men do a great job and are helpful; however, they need double the workforce at least. Also be aware that the oven in the un renovated kitchens is old typically. Several have only 3 burners. The "new" renovated ovens are cheap and extremely small. Expect to have to buy new pizza pans and oven pans because standard size trays will not fit. Also, there is a vent for smoke exhaust; however, it is not hooked up correctly and thus is absolutely useless. You can definitely hear the traffic noise inside your apartment. The model apartment does not face towards the Watterson or other traffic areas. So I would recommend requesting an apartment that is not near the traffic areas of Newburgh Rd and the Watterson or if so, wear ear plugs while you are home or run your AC/fans all the time. On the pro side, parking is ample but make sure you park by the gate areas because people frequently hit your car. Covered parking is available for an extra fee a month but this is hard to come by. You can't really hear your neighbors through the walls or much noise outside in the hallway. There is a security guard at night in the front lobby and they do rounds through out the night. So building is farely secure. Electric bills are not very high and apartment is somewhat energy efficient. It is located right next to the Waterson and centrally located for travel. They do allow pets; although, it is ironic how many residents are scared of dogs/animals. So if you have a big dog or just a dog at all, be ready to have to wait for an elevator ride with someone who isn't afraid of dogs. Imperial house feels safe; however, be careful venturing into the neighborhoods adjacent or directly behind it. These neighborhoods are a bit dangerous at night. I would not drive through them at nice. The locals at Imperial call it an "island" referring to it been a safe spot in the middle of somewhat unsafe area. I'd recommend being careful and not walking behind there at night. Overall, Imperial House needs major updating! It is old and you can tell that it has not been properly maintained. It is a decent price apartment (typically $550 for a small one bedroom); however, I would recommend looking elsewhere in Louisville. You can definitely find better bang for your buck. That's what I did and I'm happy I did!
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The Imperial House

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