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The Imperial House



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
Worst place ever! I called the office a month ago over a plumbing issue, no one ever came by. Then this week I came home from work on my lunch break and my apartment door was unlocked and slightly open, no one was inside. I immediately began to look through my stuff to make sure nothing was stolen when the maintenance man walked in. He scared the hell out of me! I asked him why he would leave my door unlocked and open when he left my apartment all he said was he was not gone that long, and no body was going to come in here anyway. What a crock! Then to make matters worse after he left I noticed that one of my diamond studded ear rings was gone. The pair of ear rings was on the counter on my sink. I believe the maintenance man knocked one of the earrings down the drain by mistake. I called the office about this and let them know that when I came home my door was open and anyone could have just walked in as well. The managers response was rude and not at all helpful! She told me I should have had everything off my sink when he came to make the repair, I told her I would have done that if I had known he was going to be there that day but I called about my sink a month ago and a month ago I had everything cleared out I just assumed that they were not going to fix the sink because they never fix anything around here anyway! So after a very heated discussion the manager refused to send any one up to my apartment to try and recover my earring, and she threatened me with eviction. I pay my rent on time so how she can even evict me is crazy. Well no need for eviction because I am moving on my own accord. Also this whole building is infested with bed bugs and mold is all over the place here! The elevator is always breaking down and you have to take the steps so don't get an apartment on the 10th floor. Worst most unprofessional place I have have lived.
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The Imperial House

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