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The Imperial House



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
so disgusted with this apartment complex. both our toilets clogged up and overflowed. we called maintenance to come fix the problem and were told one of the toilets would eventually go down and be usable and they would come back in the morning and snake the drain. I am 9 months pregnant and need access to a bathroom. when we called with a mouse problem it took maintenance 3 DAYS to come in and put down a trap. my husband has a job interview tomorrow morning and we cant even use the shower, wash dishes, or get water out of the tap to drink. we do not have access to water all night. this is a situation you expect in a third world country, not an apartment complex where we are expected to pay 860 dollars a month and cant even get someone to snake our drain (which takes all of 20 minutes BTW) for 12 hours after it overflows. It's disgusting and not a livable situation for an expectant mother and a toddler under the age of two. I am very angry that maintenance had to call the property manager, come out here, only to tell me they were going to let us go without a working toilet, tub, or dishwasher for 12 hours before coming back to fix it. Not to mention that though the new renovations are coming and they seem nice, I'd rather have water. it doesn't do us a whole lot of good to have new carpet in the hallways when we cant even use the bathroom
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The Imperial House

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