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The Imperial House



Resident · 2003 - 2004
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Office Staff
This place is not a place I would recomend ANYONE moving into. Here is the lowdown...My dishwasher never worked the entire year I lived there. There were spots on the carpets and markes on the doors that were never fixed. There was a leak in the celing of my bathroom that took them from Jul. to Sep. to fix. (they coulden't tell where the leak was comming from so they made a hole in the celing and just told us to page them when it was leaking) My roomates door never shut all the way. Very noisy hallways. My hallway stunk like fish. The celing fan made a noise when it was on. In my oppoin the worst was having to rush in the shower. After 5 min. the water would start turning ice cold. When I turned in my keys I was told that I was ban from ever comming back( even to visit my friends) because I didn't like the building. I met the ppl. that were moving into my apt. and warned them. Appearently the truth hurts. Oh and the pool is awefull. Several times when they coulen't get a lifeguard it was closed. In the winter it was never drained and allowed to become a nasty swamp. There were a few good points, but not enough to compensate for the bad. I met a lot of friends in the comunity room. The laundry room on each floor was nice and the laundry card systeem was a good idea instead of having to save up quarters. Parking was never a problem unless you actually thought you were living in a gated comunity. The gate hardly ever worked.
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The Imperial House

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