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The Reserve At Westport Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
My husband and I have lived here for about two years. When we first moved in it was a working class neighborehood. Now I don't feel safe in my house. I have had neighbors that either had dememstic fights at all hours of the night, people hanging out on my patio who I don't know, or a person who has not lived here that long that had a dog whom he wouldn't take care of and acted like we were suppost to listen to the dog bark for 12 to 16 hours aday or all night if he didn't want to come home. The office doesn't want to do anything about problems. They tell the resendents that you need to call the police. I would tell people if you want to live with trash it would be fine to live here. There are police here at least once a week if not more often. THe neighbor we have now can blast his tv as lound as he wants and if you ask him to turn it down he yells he is a victum because I would like to be able to watch my tv or study for classes. There are children that run around at all hours of the day and night who will hang on padios and have to be ran off. The office is to lazy to do anything about the problems around here. There is no parking because peole have 5 or 6 people here a night to stay so that the resendents don'e have a place to park. It is a really bad neighborehood. The townhouses are bad. There is no insulation, we have had a leak since we moved in that has not been fixed. Teh only good thing I can say is that if something is broken they do make sure that it is fixed very fast. The women in the office are very nice, but don't seem to want to make people follow the rules.
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The Reserve At Westport Apartments

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