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The Reserve At Westport Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
The upgrades are nice just wish they did something with the bathrooms, heck, even used Bath Fitters or something similar. HOWEVER, the residents and pet owners are a completely different thing!! Dogs run off leash (against the lease and law) all the time, left tied out (against the lease) pooping everywhere and not cleaning up after them (against the law and lease) we see pitbulls all over the place and they are banned, management does NOTHING about it and we've seen people walk right by staff with pitbulls and dogs off leash and again, NOTHING!! Not to mention there are MANY AGGRESSIVE dogs which is why dogs should be evaluated no an individual basis and not so much by breed. One girl that lives on Nansemond Drive has a 100+ Pitbull mix and that dog drags her everywhere, tries to go after children and dogs, one day soon it's going to pull her to the ground and attack a dog or child!! I'm sure management has seen this dog too and has done nothing!! Cats are everywhere, not sure if they are strays or not, you can hear cat fights every night and sorry to say containment laws apply to cats just as they do dogs so it is also illegal for cats to run free!! Why anyone wants a "pet" that stays outside is beyond me!!! I hate to say it but I honestly believe management and staff don't do anything about the illegal dogs and off leash dogs because they are too social with the residents that are the biggest offenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My neighbor had called Animal Control and they go out but want you to make a written statement, which she did once and "coincidently" a few days later her car was keyed. There is a woman with I believe 2 German Shepherds that all pet owners around here should take after. I see her out there all the time cleaning up after them, even with a flash light at night and I've never seen them off leash or barking/growling at other dogs unlike just about every other dog I've seen around here!! If everyone did this it would be a quieter, cleaner place and kids can feel free to play without fear an off leash dog will chase (I've seen it many times) or bite them!! I don't know how kids play around here and not go home with dog crap all in their shoes and clothes!! People have no respect!! If this doesn't change I won't be renewing my lease!! It's irresponsible stupid pet owners like the ones around here that make it so difficult to be able to rent with pets because property management doesn't want to deal with it.
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The Reserve At Westport Apartments

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