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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/04/2015
This place is an absolute joke. Wouldn't recommend spending money at this place at all. What attracted me was the flat rate " everything is included" which it is but I still felt like I spent way to much money to live like this. I wanted to get out of my lease after the first two months but couldn't afford it and stuck thru it. But it's bad when you don't even wanna walk barefoot in ur own place because u are scared u are going to step on a bug. Huge freaking roaches, insects all over the place. Spiders of every kind everywhere ALL the time. I swear doing my research from now on. Didn't know my apartment had a sub water pump until after I moved in. Mantience sucks majorially. Management oh management... That's all I'm going to say there. The hills leading up to the apartments will ruin ur car I'm serious pot holes, uneven, narrow. Parking lot OMG!! I rented a two bedroom with wager and dryer hook ups. " wash room" doesn't fit standard size washer and dryers, no room for supplies or laundry baskets or anything laundry related. Found a mouse in my bathroom. Called maintence to come get it out " sorry we don't do that" it's the woods!!! Really?!? Heat and AC doesn't exist! U will hear it but it doesn't work so be prepared to freeze in the winter and roast in the summer. Noise for days. Children dodging cars in the parking lot. Cats everywhere ( which I thought was actually good to keep the mice out) nope!! Just annoying. Man that stand outside and signals " cigarette" as u leave and arrive at ur apartment! Worst absolute worse place to live. I can't wait too my lease is over. Wish I could pay what I need to pay and get he hell up outta there. It's sad to come home after a long day/ nights work and turn on every light to inspect the walls and floors making sure u don't step on a bug. I'm throwing a lot of my stuff away be I don't wanna be surprised and take bugs and or mice to my next residence. I dnt invite ppl over be im embarrassed. I'm not a nasty gross person but damn this place need to be torn down and rebuilt. I had them come and seal off cracks and holes but " we can't do all the cracks and holes" and uninvited critters are living rent free with me and it's gross! Worst worst place every that u have lived in. There is one good thing about this apartment tho. When I first moved in she was part of the clean up around the apartment complex now she works in the office. Very sweet girl and always respectful and keep it real. I liked her but hmmm the rest and the complex itself needs to go! But it's my fault I didn't do my research and signed a yr lease. Not again! I've learned my lessen and u should stay away unless u like living with huge cock roaches, mice insects and oh worms/snakes. Just saying.
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