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gina41 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/02/2015
I lived at the Summit back in 2007 and it was the worst apartment I've ever rented, I am surprised they are still open. I had nightmares while living there. I broke my lease to get away from there and a couple of years later I saw them on the news where the residents were complaining about the unsafe buildings the place needs to be shut down. The office management at the time were young and very immature, they would hide in the office and not answer the phone and then when you finally got a hold of them they acted as if they didn't have time to deal with your issues. The maintenance was scary they would come in your apartment when ever they wanted with no warnings to shut off water etc. I had an incidence where the maintenance man came in my apartment as I was getting ready to go to work, I asked him to leave cause I was in a hurry and I thought he was gone when I went in the bathroom, when i got out of the shower he was standing in my living room waiting for me to finish and I only had on a towel, I was so upset. They also steal from your there. I had these big brown bugs that the maintenance called wood bugs that looked like huge cockroaches. I got extremely sick from the mold in the bath room which messed with my asthma. They would fix the mold but the ceiling would fall through again. I am surprised that there have been no one killed driving up and down the dangerous roads to get to the apartment. The roads to the apartment are very steep because the place used to be a ski resort. I asked the office several time if they could make those roads more safer and I always got the run around. there were always domestic violence fights going on also. They don't tell you they control the heat which I hardly ever had in my apartment. I threaten not to pay my rent until things in my apartment got fixed, and the office staff was immature enough to post signs on my door in neon colors saying pay your rent, can you imagine how I felt! like I said me and a couple of other tenants broke our leases to get out of there, i hope the people there continue to call news reporters it is an unsafe place.
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