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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2016
I live here now and all the reviews are CORRECT!! Mice, roaches, bugs, everything being said is correct. I moved here in 2014 and even though I had paid to move in a month in advance when I got here the apartment was not ready. My boyfriend made them change the dishwasher BC it was old as crap and the ceiling fan BC it wobbled really bad, almost to the point where it might fall. This is my 2nd year where I have had mice. Today alone I have found 4 and the day is not over yet. I complained but was told I would have to wait until next week for the exterminator to come out and given mouse traps to put down. In my bathtub the coating is coming off and I was told they have to order the stuff to repaint it. I'm still waiting. There was a pipe that somehow cracked that made my carpet wet and I didn't find out about it until I got home and stepped on wet carpet with socks on.seven after I called them to let them know the sink was clogged. The office staff is a joke. -------- the property manager doesn't give a damn about this place. She not only hates kids but is very racist. Apartments get broke into and it seems no one does anything about it. The "sparkling" pool is more like a hole with water. On any given day the chlorine levels are too high and the bromine levels are too low. The health inspector has come out multiple times and found unsavory conditions but have never closed the pool down. The maintenance staff is a joke. It took them weeks to come out just to fix a my kitchen drawer. I will be leaving here as soon as possible. My son has broken out in hives due to the mold and dirt. I have called the health department again and was told for each mouse I find they will get fined. I hope to rack up enough fines on them that they actually do something. I hope that with enough complains this place gets shut down. In addition to the inside I have witness multiple drug deals, domestic volience, and anything else u can think of. This is not a safe place for kids to live. There is no where for them to play and people speed thru the parking lot like they are drag racing. Management does not do anything but put notes on your door saying don't to this or that but they never fix or address the issues. The leasing office was left open over night and "someone" took some apartment keys. After that happened apartments "mysteriously" had things missing but not broke doors or windows. They didnt even notify the peope whos keys were taken. The mail man was the one who told a worker the door was open. I am saving enough evidence to get this place shut down!! I keep names,dates,conversations everything. DO NOT MOVE HERE!
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