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2814 De Mel Avenue, Louisville, KY 40214
2814 De Mel Avenue, Louisville, KY 40214

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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2017
Do no move here. My parents rented an apartment here back in 2011. There was a mudslide on the side they lived on. They was told all was fine and told everyone else that everything was fine and etc. so everyone paid their rent and went on with their days the day after all the rent was paid everyone in the buildings on the side where the mudslide happened had and eviction notice on their doors (Derby weekend if your from Louisville you know how it is at that time) and no one was givin there money back they moved my mom and dad as well as little brother into a one bedroom for about a month they was cramped in a one bedroom. They was than moved to a two bedroom my mom and dad stoped paying rent to them due to not being givin a refund on the deposit they just paid for a 3 bedroom (they Had just moved in) and the rent so for a few months they sat and saved money to move out and to another place. Do no live here I hear they are now renting the apartments that had the mudslide on them and it's all blocked off no one can even step on their Balocnys on the first floor it's not safe there don't do it all reviews are true. It's sad people who just moved in never got a refund or anything due to their negligence.
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