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White Oak Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 05/25/2011
I disagree with the negative posts here. I have been a resident for almost 5 years and I have seen the ups and downs. Years ago there were drugs and thugs and filth living here. The property has improved greatly over the last year. I have had one rent increase since I moved here. The last manager Laurie was not a nice person and she is the one who let just anyone move in. I read the reviews here and never say anything but I feel bad for the new manager. I see her talking to residents all the time and she always seems to be doing whatever she can to make things better. The maintenance men are new and I didn't have any problems with the last ones but these guys seem to do a good job. I just think if you do not like it here then you should move but being mean and writing bad things doesn't help you. All it does is makes you look like a nasty and like a miserable person. I am going to ask my neighbors who I know are happy hear to write the good things too. If you write bad things you scare off the good people who would help keep the neighborhood as nice as it is. I know all of my neighbors and they are all so nice so hopefully anyone who reads this will not pay attention to the angry people and listen to the good people who live here now.
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White Oak Park

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