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The Chase at Murray



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/25/2012
Don't do it. Its fun to live while in college I suppose. Socially a good place to live. Can get noisy if you do happen to try and study, people cannot handle their liquor and get loud. If you have to work during the summer, like me and others, people are loud quite often in the pool into the wee hours of the morning...which sucks. As far as inside goes its not too bad. You have to ask more the once to get something fixed though. its been 9 days since i put in a work order for something and it still isnt fixed. The people who work there are more worried about hanging out than actually taking the time to simply write down what I need done. hell they don't have to fix it just simply relay the message, but can't seem to do it. The overages are ridiculous, it seems they always find something to bill you over, espcially this new conservice bull. cannot wait to get out of here. the pool is filthy by the way. and they tell you you are allowed to have 2 people there but in reality people come and go as they want from all over murray. I cant help i have to get up and work it 6 am, maybe have some respect on a tuesday night and not get drunk yell..but anways..go somewhere else and live, even if you pay 40 bucks more a month, you'll have a better peace of mind. Cambridge or Cambridge 2 or gettysburg. NOT the chase.
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The Chase at Murray

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