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842 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41017
842 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41017

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Marx Cromer Warehouse Flats/Creekwood Flats



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Resident 2010 Not Recommended

Reviewed 07/09/2011

I would not suggest moving here unless you are hoping to live in a frat house! The walls are very thin. I could hear my neighbor's phone vibrate as well as the clicking of the shoes in the hallways. When the upstairs neighbor came home it sounded like they were bowling. It would awake me from my sleep. I wouldn't say I'm a light sleeper. I have lived in apartments before and have not had these issues. The residents are very young and partying starts on Thursday nights and continues through Sunday morning around 3am. The blaring and booming of the bass from the stereos drove me crazy. Some nights I was not able to even hear my own tv over the sound. Our upstairs neighbor also decided to learn to play the guitar and keyboard and would often start his practice at midnight or have a sing along with his friends after the bars closed at 2 a.m. Management offered no help and were hard to reach by telephone to ask for help. When I could finally reach them, they would call to warn the neighbors to keep it down but took no real action. The lease was very clear about it's noise policy but it was not enforced and we felt as if we had no recourse. Often had to call the police on the neighbors in order to be able to sleep and go to work the next day. The inside of the apartment is very nice. I loved the gas cooktop and the open floor plan. The weekly cleaning of the common areas were always done on a regular basis. Although beer bottles were often found on the stairs and such but that is a reflection of the residents and not the lack of cleaning on the managements part. Building is locked but residents often unlocked the doors and left them unlocked. The neighborhood isn't the best and this didn't make me feel safe. There is a soup kitchen across the street although no one ever bothered me or made me feel scared for my life but the unsecured building did bother me. Parking lot is very tight. Ice on the step and in the parking lot was not removed during the winter months. Again, I would not recommend living here unless you are looking for an extension of college and want to live in a party house.
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Marx Cromer Warehouse Flats/Creekwood Flats

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