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842 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41017
842 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41017

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Marx Cromer Warehouse Flats/Creekwood Flats



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Resident 2009 Not Recommended

Reviewed 07/25/2011

Lease term: 02/01/2010-02/28/2011 POTENTIAL RENTER BEWARE!!! The aesthetics of Middle Earth Developers/Properties (MED) is generally nice on the surface. However, please BEWARE!!! MED is a HORRIBLE landlord. By far and away, the worst I've ever dealt with. Appallingly, they are incredibly immature and bullish. We lived peaceably in their unit at Marx Cromer until we were unable to meet their needs for assisting another tenant to move into a neighboring unit. Although we provided several alternate options, they became enraged, rude and hateful. They continued this behavior throughout the rest of our lease terms and even after. In fact, they, specifically ------------- (the property manager), purposefully played games when it was time for a final walk through and return of keys such that I was unable to finalize everything until well after the lease end date. They, then, deliberately breached the agreement, preventing the timely turn-over of the apartment and return of keys and then deducted sums from our security deposit for the delayed return which THEY caused! I took them to small claims court and won (judgment awarded in my favor 05/2011) - it was clear to the judge and everyone else there that MED had more than sufficient notice and were simply playing games. In another instance, even after we agreed with ---- to a specific move date and time, he failed to show up in order to unlock security doors required to facilitate such a move. It took 2.5 hours to reach someone. Once ---- arrived, not only were we met with no apology but anger-fueled excuses and casting the blame on others. As for the unit itself, they are aesthetically pleasing to those searching for affordable, modern, loft-styled apartments. However, these are very poorly constructed. We were consistently able to hear our neighbor sneeze and the sound of utensils hitting the plates as our neighbors on either side had dinner. Sadly, ---- is a partner in MED. My attempts to reach out to another partner, Glenn Kukla remained substantially unanswered and/or dispassionate and uncaring. We strongly recommend potential renters search for a place elsewhere. I m convinced Middle Earth Developers is the most unprofessional and immature property management group out there.
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Marx Cromer Warehouse Flats/Creekwood Flats

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