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842 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41017
842 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41017

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Marx Cromer Warehouse Flats/Creekwood Flats



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2012
Was excited to move in, the unprofessional attitudes started immediately. Every person involved telling you something different. It was a nightmare to even move in, but I naively figured once I was moved in I could just live peacefully and not deal with the atrocious staff too often. I was sadly mistaken. ---- -------- and the rest of his top-notch associates make this place literally unbearable to live in. It's a constant fight to get anything done, and that's if you can even get a hold of anyone. Every time I try to make contact with the office I'm talking to a new employee who has no idea what's going on. They're employment turnover rate must rival their resident turnover. I didn't listen to the negative reviews, and I regretted it on a daily basis. I gave the place the benefit of the doubt, thinking other reviews were just from picky tenants. They weren't. It's far worse than any review can put into words. It's no surprise this company is defaulting on loans and losing properties. The only thing that will save this complex is if Middle Earth officially goes under like they should and another management company takes it over. I'm not some one-off case, I spoke to a a dozen or so other tenants that all had the same or worse complaints(some far, far worse.. but it's not my place). Trust me, I can assure you you don't want to live here. Unless you love a lying landlord that has absolutely no clue what he's doing with a chip on his shoulder ----------------------. Prepare to never get your deposit back, prepare to fight tooth and nail if ANYTHING needs maintenance in your apartment, they will undoubtedly try and blame you and never fix it. Need pest control? No need for pest control. ---- and ----------------------- will come over with a couple mousetraps and brooms. Refrigerator broken? Better just go buy a new one, it's not their fault you used it wrong and it went out. Trying to get in the side door with a hand full of groceries only to find out it's broken like it usually is? They "just fixed it", it's not broken, you just don't know how to use a door. Ice all over the steps? That's not ice, "they just cleared it", you just don't know how to walk. The hallways look and smell like a Cypress Hill concert or the inside of a cats ---? Too bad. There is nothing management can do. Just make sure you have before and after pictures of everything, and get all their false promises in writing for when you have to take MED to court. You'll be paying to fix their shoddy craftsmanship out of your deposit. Wonder why everyone is moving out ----? Wonder why Middle Earth's name is covered in ----? Quit being a ---- ----. ** It wont let me give Staff 0 stars.. "Not helpful. Generally a pain to deal with." is an extreme understatement. "Generally impossible to not ------------ ---- -------- in -------- every time you see him" is more accurate. You've been warned. Stay far far away.
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Marx Cromer Warehouse Flats/Creekwood Flats

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