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Marx Cromer Warehouse Flats/Creekwood Flats



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/16/2012
Marx Cromer Warehouse "Flats:" A roach-infested, thin drywall-partitioned,over-priced apartment complex managed by a unscrupulous midget. Likes: 1. Greg, the maintenance man. 2. Kitchen 3. Proximity to Cincinnati Dislikes 1. Parking - parking spaces are very narrow. Middle Earth was sued for this same issue at another complex they constructed - http://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/stories/2009/06/08/st 2. Roach infestation. 3. Noise.. there is barely any sound isolation between most apartments.. you will hear your neighbor snore, sneeze, and hold a conversation. 4. The manager - ---- is impossible to deal with. He's your best friend the day you sign the lease though. I lived in the Marx Cromer building for little over a year and despite always paying my rent on time, taking excellent care of the apartment I rented, ---- -------- failed to return my deposit (despite stating he would in writing after his maintenance man inspected the apartment.) Want to know what a class-act ---- is? Just google his name and you'll know what to expect when he is your landlord. ----, since you're always such a patronizing and two-faced sleaze in every communication I've had with you, the only recourse you've left me with is to vent my frustration on here. In the future, try treating your tenants with respect.
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Marx Cromer Warehouse Flats/Creekwood Flats

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