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Ridge Cliff Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
My time at Ridgecliff lasted 2 years. Both of which were years I spent at the Pikeville medical school. Oh where to begin... When I first moved in there was literally dirt on the kitchen floors and on the walls from previous smoker residents. The management says there is no smoking but people still do. The management said they would paint and clean the carpets before I moved in and they didn't. The apt.s are located directly next to the police station and close to the hospital. Ergo, there are lots of sirens. Also, I was lucky enough to have a bird/birds living in the wall A/C duct above my bed. They liked to make noise and walk around most of the summer and spring. In the winter however they are either dead or gone, so that's good. When I brought this up to the management, their response after I mentioned it ~4 times was, "what do you expect me to do about it". I will give it to them. After that retort I was stumped and decided to let the matter lye. My second year maintenance decided to fix the water pipes in the walls. Apparently, this entails cutting the drywall open in the hallway in front of my apt. and leaving the hole and pipes exposed for 1 month. (I guess I don't know plumbing) The hallways in all the floors other than the 1st floor are not air conditioned so it is HOT in the summer. On the good side of things the manager and staff are very friendly. I was able to obtain section 42 housing reducing my monthly rate from $515 to $340. All the residents are in their later years and are quiet. All of the residents are also extremely nice. (But with that being said, how many 80 year olds do you know who aren't nice?) The staff will address only the maintance issues that are brought up to them 10 or 11 times (no less), but they always pretend and politely say they will get right on it. I'll give you an example. A friend of mine also living in the same complex had a water leak in the room above. This leak lasted several days of which this friend was on vacation. Upon arriving back at Ridgecliff the floors were soked and his celing caved in. The kind manager gave this person an air freshener, a fan, and a humidifier and kindly said this will fix it. After asking several times when will the carpets be changed and ceiling be repaired...the management logically decided not to change the carpets and not to repair the ceiling. My friend lived in Ridgecliff for one entire year like this until the mold smell, luckily, went away on its own. The parking lot is routinely full. Overall, this apt. complex is good (in my opinion) only for a single male, like myself, who doesn't really care to live in an extremely dirty and old apt. b/c they know they are leaving Pikeville after medical school.
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Ridge Cliff Apartments

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