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Ridge Cliff Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
This is my second year living at Ridgecliff and the only reason i moved here is because i could find anything else in walking distance to the medical school. When I came to move in, there was a large brown spot on the ceiling (it looked like someone was shot and that was the blood spill). This would be directly above my bed if it still existed. My mother threw a fit and against the will of the manager/owner etc. the repainted the bedroom and ceil. The fridge was also broken when i moved in, and the exchanged it for a different one from a different room. My air conditioner flooded this year and instead of them helping me clean it up, again my mother and a friend came and shampooed my carpets, took apart the AC unit and put it back together. Also, I asked for my toilet to be fixed b/c it runs constantly, but this has yet to be done (and I asked after I moved in). There is duct tape on my window screens to keep the birds/bugs out because they wouldn't repair them. I had an ant infestation and they gave me traps but that didn't really work. I had to buy 2 cans of raid and kill them myself. Another problem at times is noise. Granted the old people are quite, it just isn't the elderly anymore here. My neighbor was an undergrad student and I could here too much of her personal events (phone calls, boyfriend visits etc) than I ever wanted to. I live on the street side so cars are loud (w/ and w/o the windows open). Also, Lighting sucks. There is only an overhead light in the kitchen and front door. That is it! Not in the family room or bedroom. One more thing is there are no washer/dryer hookups in my room. The washer/dryer is found on each floor are old and does not always work. It took over 6 months to get the dryer to work. The space works. It's bigger than some of my classmates apts but smaller than others for the price. It's safe as far as I know because they lock the front door and you can't get in unless you have a key or someone lets you in. Like my title says, for $545 bucks a month, plus electric plus internet/cable this place works, but I'm sure I could do a hell of a lot better, especially for a 23 yr old female.
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Ridge Cliff Apartments

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