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Anderson Estates Apartments



Former Resident · 2020
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Do not move here!! The hallways will be filled with dead bugs and animals before they even clean. The laundry is disgusting, trash is always over flowing and the machines rarely get fixed. On top of that its so expensive to, wash and dry and half of the time they dont even wash and dry. Its not safe, anyone can come into the apartments, as the dryers have been stolen before. My car has been broken into before and my tires have been stabbed. Residents speed through the parking lot and play really loud music. Someone had thrown glass in the parking lot and all they said was they couldn't do anything about it. Trash and cars are littered everywhere. During the summer the AC barely works and management says they can't do anything about it. The walls are very thin and you can hear everything your neighbors are doing. They will charge you an outrageous amount for anything once you move out. I was missing one blind and they charged me $28!! As well as, they recently kicked out a friend for a complaint that was filed with no evidence to support. Management is a joke, ------ will quickly cop an attitude and isn't friendly at all. She does not try to help as her usual saying " There's nothing we can do about it." The hallway windows are always open during the winter so its always cold and somehow always shut during the summer so it's crazy hot the minute you walk out of your apartment. Residents will so steal your mail and packages and management will not do anything about it. Overall I lived here for 3yrs and it was the worst. My insurance went up bc of the higher risk of break in and accidents.
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Anderson Estates Apartments

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