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Katelyn Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2015
I lived in my apartment at Katelyn Court for two years with two different roommates, and had a very positive experience. First, the reasons a lot of people choose Katelyn Court: the rent is very affordable, and it's a short drive from the college. It's also very close to Walmart, which I've appreciated. As for the apartment itself, it was in great condition. The only serious problem I recall was when the lock on the front door jammed and my roommate and I got locked into our apartment (haha), but within a few minutes, maintenance arrived and replaced the lock. There is plenty of parking, and the facilities are well-maintained. The last couple of winters have been rough, and there were times when our cars were pretty much stuck, but most of Richmond was closed anyway. I don't remember suffering any power outages during my time at Katelyn Court. I really loved the shared, covered porch. It's great to not get rained on while trying to unlock your door. I have a lot of nice memories of sitting outside my door after work, and watching a storm roll in or a sunset. Regarding noise, people should be aware that the apartments are close to the train tracks. Personally, I enjoyed the train sounds when I noticed them, which wasn't very often. My neighbors were never particularly loud, and I usually only heard them when they were vacuuming. The exception was a couple who were rather intense in their passions in the evenings (and some mornings), but it was at reasonable times and never really bothered me. Good for them. The management is great! The property manager, Sean, is a friendly fellow and very reasonable. I had no problems getting my lease extended a couple of months, and I was even allowed to leave mid-month. I wasn't held accountable for typical wear-and-tear on the apartment, and despite some pet damages, most of my deposit was generously returned to me. Overall, I had a great experience at Katelyn Court. If I return to Richmond, Katelyn Court will be the first place I look for an apartment.
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Katelyn Court Apartments

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