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Saddlebrook Apartments



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Office Staff
TheLoneGunman • Resident 2013 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/17/2015
There's not much going on here that's too positive except that the rent is fairly cheap (but definitely not the cheapest place in Richmond). I really like Rachel and Lauren when they are actually in the office, but 9 times out of 10 they are gone somewhere or are "out and about". If you need to ask them a question that is urgent you are probably out of luck. I would like to express that they are nice people but somebody always needs to be in the office and both people should not take lunch at the same time. This place is pretty old too. All the plumbing is terrible and there is a lot of mold here due to the faulty plumbing. Maintenance is usually on top of things but always forget their tools when they leave and leave the place a mess. I liked Saddlebrook for about the first year I didn't have any problems but after that it just got terrible. The dog park is a plus, but it is not well kept and is muddy oftentimes or littered with feces. The laundry facility is really awful. They don't have a change machine or anything so you have to get change elsewhere and then half of the machines don't even work and there is no way to tell until you already put your clothes in and try to start the cycle. I would really recommend living somewhere else in Richmond. If you are a college student and can't afford a place without roommates Saddlebrook isn't unbearable but if you can afford a better place then do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.
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Saddlebrook Apartments

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