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Saddlebrook Apartments



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Maison_H • Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/18/2018
I signed a 15 month lease with Saddlebrook in Nov. 2016 for a two bedroom with a roommate. Everything was fine at first, until we quickly realized we'd been lied to. We were told some utilities were included in our rent (gas, sewage, and water), but instead these were included we were billed separately for utilities on top of having to pay for electric ourselves. The main office was either never open during the day, or would be open for odd hours and close early. I had neighbors who didn't follow community rules and when I tried to speak to management about it, I was dismissed. I had to call the police on my neighbors once for partying inside and in the parking lot. Within our first month of being there a large piece of siding was pulled off the building during a storm and left dangling in front of our living room window for weeks, even after we put in a maintenance request. The siding eventually fell off during another storm and was left to blow across the parking lot. In summer of 2017, our oven broke. We filed a maintenance request immediately but never heard anything back from maintenance or management. We waited three months before filing another request, only to be ignored again. Our oven was broken for eight months before it was fixed. I filed a maintenance request for the kitchen sink just before the end of our lease and had a maintenance man out the next day to fix it. There was never any consistency to when or if you would have repairs done. My roommate and I were harassed by management towards the end of our lease, at one point receiving a total of nine phone calls from the main office. Our last month at Saddlebrook was a nightmare, with constant inspections (that they would come in for whether given permission or not), half-assed repairs, and pressure from management to move out before the end of our lease (because we would "fail" the government safety inspection, as the assistant manager told us once). Living at Saddlebrook became unbearable and I'm so glad my roommate and I decided not to renew our lease. I wouldn't recommend living here to anybody. Management is rude and doesn't care about their tenants, the office is never open if you need to speak with someone or even just pick up a package from the mail room, you can never get repairs done, and while they claim to be pet friendly they will find some way to screw you over if you have pets (they claimed my roommate and I never paid our pet deposit despite paying it in $50 monthly installments) and claimed we never provided vet records for our cats and my service dog. It's not worth the price or headache to live here.
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Saddlebrook Apartments

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