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Saddlebrook Apartments



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bluetwentytwo87 • Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2009
My boyfriend and I have lived her for awhile and we agree with most of the bad reviews. When we first moved in, it wasnt our first choice, but the apt. manager told us, at the time, that all utilities would be paid, except electricity, and that we wouldnt have to pay a pet deposit. We then looked at a 2 bedroom apt and it was actually pretty nice. After moving in we noticed that there werent any light fixtures in the bedrooms or living room, which we brushed off. We also found out while signing the lease, that we had to pay a pet deposit and all of our utilities. So of course I was a little tiffed, we had just signed the lease and we couldnt just terminate. A little after moving in we realized that the present maintenance men were very slow at their jobs. It took three months to fix a window. We also noticed that our plumbing was really horrible. Our kitchen sink has standing water every now and then and our bathroom sink takes forever (as in a day or two) to fully drain. Outside the grounds used to be horrible. There was pet feces everywhere, I couldnt imagine having children living here!! Now its mostly trash and broken glass, that takes forever to get cleaned up. I also dont like how there is only one dumpster for the whole complex!! Who wants to walk all the way to the back to tak out trash when you live at the very front?? Not me. The internet access that was in our lease was horrible. We had internet access for 2 months and then one day it just "went away". We finally got it back through Chapel, and that internet sucks. It was slow and we we were always having to reconnect while on the web. I dont really care for the bug inspection, the cleaning lady knocks twice, waits a couple seconds, then lets herself in. Its kind of freaky and it makes me feel as though my privacy is being violated. I mean she could be walking in while Im showering or anything!! We also had a problem with the fact that we found out we were overpaying our rent for like two months and we never recieved the money back and it never was placed towards our next months rent.. if it had been placed towards our next months rent, we were never told. So as far as were concerned.. it disappeared. I like the apartment layout and I like that they allow pets, because most places dont. And I like the parking, but thats about it.
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Saddlebrook Apartments

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