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2335 Alexandria Pike, Southgate, KY 41071
2335 Alexandria Pike, Southgate, KY 41071

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Barkley Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Recommended

Reviewed 07/22/2012

i lived here for a year. Parking is a bit of a nightmare in the evening but during the day its reasonable. The maitnance men half/assed everything but they were quick. Laundry facilities are in every buiding and hardly anyone was ever in them when i was. i was usually the only one doing laundry. The apartments are clean, never saw a bug or roach of any kind. Spiders yes but bugs no. Most of the satff is nice... i only ever had problems with ronda(property manager), She's a bit rude. My only issue i ever had in the year i lived there was the people above me were loud and noisey all the time. I went to the office and reported it at least 7 times in the year i lived there and nothing was ever done. They always said they would take care of it and never did. Really who lets someone move in a one bedroom with 3 kids and 3 adults? But that many people lived above me and you can imagine the noise. Day or night i always was afraid the cieling was gonna cave in they were so loud.The people above me were actually the only reason i mocved. i just couldn't take the noise any more. I asked for a third floor apt but none were avaliable so i moved. The rent is reasonable and other than noise it is a pretty ok place to live. granted i stayed to myself. I did see cops outside the complex across from me several times but never heard anything going on so who knows.
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Barkley Ridge Apartments

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