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Blu on the Boulevard

8008 Bluebonnet Boulevard

Baton Rouge, LA 70810



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
The Park on Bluebonnet is a financial rip-off. If you are moving here just to be close to Perkins Rowe, etc. DON'T. Save the money and drive 10 more minutes. At first the apartment was fine, but it seems like the management has become less and less concerned about making the tenants happy. So the positives of this place are: in-house washer and dryer units, close to shopping/restaurants, and the running trail. Those about all the positives I can think of. The negatives are extensive, but here are the most important; there is limited parking for paying tenants. If you want a guaranteed parking spot for you and your family, near your unit, then you need to pay $100 a month to have a carport or garage parking spot. This is an issue for me because I come home late often due to work and I have to walk quite some distance in the dark to get home. It is very unsettling. The other issue is the constantly "broken" gym facility. Most of the equipment is out of date, broken, or near broken. Beyond that, the maintenance crew here are rude, take their sweet time to fix issues, or tell you that there is no problem and make you feel crazy. To that end, the trash services are another problem. There is only one dumpster for the whole complex, which can be very problematic for most people. If you do not live close to it, you are forced to take you trash to the dumpster in your car. They only pick up trash only on M,T,TH,F. Good luck on Wednesday and the weekend. They also have a system for rent where the longer you stay, the more your rent goes up. Odd, isn't it? When I asked why the rent went up they essentially told me that the apartment is in high demand, aka "We don't need you, there are other dupes waiting to be milked by us as we speak. Therefore, pay-up or ship-out." Literally no customer appreciation. My advice is run for the hills from this place and play the high-rent somewhere else.
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Blu on the Boulevard

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