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Blu on the Boulevard

8008 Bluebonnet Boulevard

Baton Rouge, LA 70810



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I currently live here and this is my first apartment in BR so I don't have much to compare but here are the major gripes I have The good: - Great location. Easy access to Perkins' Rowe, easy access to great restaurants and grocery is literally across the street. - The grounds are decently kept, fairly clean. The building looks nice and its generally pretty quiet. But at least for me, I can hear my upstairs neighbors walking frequently. Maybe they are heavy walkers. Your mileage may vary The so-so: - They pick up your trash 4 days a week. If you need to take out your trash on a different day, you have to drive it to the only dumpster on the whole lot. Doesn't bother me, but it may for you - Packages get all delivered to the same room. Its a little inconvenient at times when the office is closed (more on that later), but overall, it works just okay. Not a big deal if you don't shop online often. - The painting in my unit is shoddy. After just a few months, the paint on the furniture is chipping and the baseboards are coming off. Not a huge deal but its not ideal for a "luxury apartment" - They used some shady sales tactics to reel you in... but then again, who doesn't. The ugly: - Maintenance: I had leaking issue, placed the request online. I was told they'd be fixing in "Monday". Monday rolls around nothing, Tuesday, Wednesday, nothing. They do NOT fix things for you. Getting things fixed in a timely manner is, to me, literally the ONE thing I need my apartment to do for me, and they do a POOR job. Their office staff does not help you. They pretend to write it down and you will get ignored. If people are claiming their maintenance issues get fixed "right away", then either they are lying, OR the office staff plays favorites. One way or another, its not good. - Front office: after the first month of living there I started noticing the door is locked often during regular office hours or during large chunks of hours during the weekend. I also started noticing the phone line is just busy 24/7 even though I see their staff hanging out in the front office. Often, I would need to pick up a package from the mailroom on a weekend, but they are not there. Again, having office staff that work during the hours they are suppose to work seem like a minimum requirement at an apartment, but they fail at this too. Summary: Nice location, decent grounds, very safe for sure. But the minimum requirements of a functional apartment (maintenance who fix things on time and a responsive front office) is not there. If you never run into maintenance issues, you will have a great experience. If you do... good luck. Would I recommend? It depends. Like I said, I have no other experience. Are other apartments better with maintenance? If so, then go for that one. From what I can see, most apartments have similar issues: bad maintenance, unhelpful and unprofessional staff. So, pick your poison, I guess.
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Blu on the Boulevard

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