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2500 Gates Circle

Baton Rouge, LA 70809



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2005
Maybe there should be a meeting between all the residents here so we can send a list of complaints about the staff and how they choose to speak to us. <br><br>For now, I'm simply recording my every conversation with the staff to take to the owner who attends my church. If anyone wants to do the same, purchase a small tape recorder and make sure to turn it on inside your purse before you go in to be accosted by the office staff. <br><br>Then and only then will the man who owns this place get a true glimpse of how the staff treats the customers he depends upon. Otherwise, the staff manager will just feed him full of the b.s. excuse that it is just so hard on her to try to please everyone at once. If she can't handle the job, she needs to resign instead of asking us to pity her. Let her go with feces smelling up an apartment for a few days or some other common problem b/c the maintenance staff has other priorities. <br><br>Since this happens so much, it seems a competent manager would hire more maintenance staff to keep up with what needs to be done. Seriously, how can you ask for my sympathy after you've cursed at me on tape? There are many deserving of our sympathies right now, but the apartment staff just hasn't earned the right to complain.<br>
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