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Hampton Court



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
Issues I've had with this apartment complex in the 8 months I've lived here. 1. Air Conditioning unit: I had to call maintenance 7 times within a 4 month time period (May-August) about my air conditioner before they finally fixed it. They were nice enough to put a window unit in my apartment when it went COMPLETELY out. 2. Lack of Security: If you want to live in a gated apartment complex, go ahead and scratch this one off your list. Yes, there is a gate, but it's been stuck in the "wide open, hey come steal something inside here" position for about 6 months now, so when they say "we are a gated community", you can go ahead and throw the [email protected]$t card right in their rude face. 3. Laundry facilities: suck......terribly. Dryers can't even dry 4 towels in a 50 minute cycle. You have to pay twice 95% of the time to get your clothes completely dry. A good thing to know when you need to recharge your laundry card.....that is only available during their office hours......which constantly change without notice. 4. Bathroom ceiling leak: maintenance had to come out 4 times before it was fixed completely. 5. The garbage disposal vibrated so viciously that a glass actually fell down while it was in the sink. It was so loud when I'd turn it on, I couldn't hear someone trying to talk to me 4 feet next to me. It was so bad that it caused #6 to happen... 6. Broken kitchen sink seal that ended up soaking everything I had under it. 7. Ice maker stopped making ice about a month ago. I'm still unable to enjoy a delicious glass of iced sweet tea if I wanted to without driving to the closest place that would sell it to me. :( 8. Front Door is jacked up because I have to force the door shut every time. also, I can see my neighbors coming up the stairs through the gap in the bottom it. 9. One of my skylight windows is leaking. still 10. Carpet started to come up where it meets the tile If I'm having all these problems with my apartment, I'm quite sure that the majority of the tenants here are too. If you're looking for a nice, or even quiet apartment, you're not going to find it here. I was woken up to Mexican karaoke a couple of Sunday mornings ago......... F&%k karaoke!! If I'm going to get woken up by music, I'd much rather it be done by my neighbor on the OTHER side of me who blares his rock at 2 in the morning! I can at least understand what they're saying. Anyway, hope this was of some helpful information in your future place of residence choice. Have a nice day 10. 9.
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Hampton Court

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