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Sherwood Acres Apartments



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JT11 • Resident 1997 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/09/2005
I really enjoyed my first couple of years here. The floor plans are spacious. I enjoyed the ducks in the ditch. <br><br>But once ownership moved out of town (to New York from what I was whispered), everthing started to go down hill. The ownership just wants to fill vacancies. They don't care about tenants. Like the others, getting something repaired was like pulling teeth. To be fair, maintenance was prompt on repairing my A/C. That's the exception. <br><br>Over the years, lower class society trickled into the complex. Soon, there were car break-ins, and dope passed around. There was even a rape. (It made the local paper.) Maintenance personnel were questionable, and towards the end, I didn't trust them. (They have keys to your apt., you know.)<br><br>Once, some trouble makers were allowed to move next to me. They could barely pay the rent so they went from 2 people to 6 living in a one bdrm apt. The rules prohibit this. They were having dope parties and I had to come home to this and loud, unappropriate lyrics of rap music. I DID NOT FEEL SAFE! When I tried to break my lease to leave, the management had the audacity to blame ME for the problem. (I had always paid my rent on time, and gave proper 30-days notice - and paid the penalty of 1 mos. rent.) Ironically (but not surprisingly), these troublemakers were evicted 2 mos. later. Yes, I got the last laugh. <br><br>It's got to be difficult to manage 600 units. But with an overhaul of the management and ownership, I believe it could be a nice place to live. Hopefully, there has been some improvement since I was there. <br><br>PS. I am now in a much safer apt. complex, where I noticed many of my former tenant neighbors have since followed me to.
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Sherwood Acres Apartments

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