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Sherwood Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/13/2007
I was about to murder my roommate, so i need a place to stay close to the job. In all honestly, i came here last. I was not to thrill because in order to ensure an apartment i had to put down a deposit. In addition i knew someone who stayed here at the current time. Unfortunately she did not recommend the apartment and was about to move.(she wait until after i gave my deposit to tell me this) However i must say it has not been so bad.<br>1) i did have to pay a deposit in advance for an apartment i was not schedule to get until 2 months later. However within 2 week of that i receive a call notifying me of an opening. In addition my actual deposit was held until i signed my lease.<br>2)when i move there was a limit on pet size. however those tenants who where here b4 new management were able to keep there large size dogs. i do have a dog but it is a small breed(Maltese). my personal option, i don't see how some of these people can keep such large dogs inside a one bad that is less than 700sq. It is hard to clean them down before they return inside. I feel a house dog can be held like a baby. But that is another story and just my opinion. for the most part the grounds are ok. If you are not a pet lover then this may not be the place for you<br>3)i did re-shampoo the carpet b4 i move in. it was not stain, but i just wanted to make sure it was clean to my liking. Mainly bc they do allow pet, i wanted to give a good shampoo b4 i move anything in. Jabe(my dog) is very particular about her surroundings. The floor by the fireplace was cracking and the cabinets need updates. Plus it is not a lot of space in the kitchen but is normal for most apartments.<br>4)the location is nice, because it is easily accessible to both airline and courtesy.<br>5)price is nice. If you look at the features all unit have w/d conn(even 1 bd), fireplace in most, patio, balcony, pool, etc, if you just compare most apartment with similar feature start out at about 600 and up. One bd start at 530. i have the large model 2bd 2bath, the apartment in large. Jabe has her own room. closet space is a plus.<br>6)safety is fine with me. I worked a graveyard shift during the holiday for extra cash and to be honest i never felt safer going to my car. In addition i don't leave my door unlock or anything in my car. <br>7)i started out in a one bd and i must say that if i got home after 11pm, i was lucky if i could get a parking spot on the curb. That is normal seeing that most be get off during those times. However i rarely run into problems with parking now.<br>8)i am move in march when my lease is up, only bc i have found a house. SO I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS APT
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Sherwood Place

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