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The High Grove



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
I am a current resident at the High Grove and have very good insight to future renters, I can only speak for my experience thus far and I Hate it! I've been here since Aug of 2015 and want out now, but....you can't get out of your lease without and act of God, trust me I've tried. First of all there are roughly 192 units, with only roughly 20 garages, I have wanted a garage since moving in but was told I'm on a waiting list, that hasn't happened yet, doubt it ever will, garages BTW are 100.00 a month extra. Covered parking is 35.00 a month and a storage closet is 25.00 a month and is the size of your bath tub! I've tried changing units from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor but was told during your first year lease you are NOT ALLOWED to change apartments; BTW: there is one elevator in each building, so when you are moving in or bringing home groceries etc...unless you are on the first floor it is a living Hell getting items from your vehicle to your apartment, most of the residents here including myself have a wagon or grocery buggy to go back and forth with! It's miserable! The staff here is horrible, I've sent numerous emails on the resident portal on their website and I never have gotten a reply; I have always had to go into the office and ask directly! Maintenance took 3 months to fix my washing machine! Right next door to my building they are building new units, the road is always filthy, your vehicle will always have dust and dirt on it and BTW: on weekend they start work at 6:30-7AM so don't plan on sleeping in. They just started breaking ground on some more units on the other side so this nightmare isn't going away any time soon! The positives for me living here is that it's close to work, and convenient to all the shops and restaurants, and the pool is nice, but for me to be paying over 1600.00 a month for a 2 bedroom, a storage closet, and a covered parking spot I regret not leasing somewhere else, the apartments are OK but not all cracked up to be what they claim! This experience for me thus far is horrible and I have 7 more months to live through it! I hope any potential renter sees this and it helps them make an educated decision
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The High Grove

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