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The High Grove



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
Multiple leaks, issues with upper management, and now my pet's safety is in question. I cannot in good faith advise anyone to rent a unit at the High Grove, and I will share my experience below concisely and as unbiased as I can manage. Unit was not cleaned upon move-in, and the carpet smelled like pet urine. It took me over a week to convince management just to go smell the carpets. They agreed to replace the carpet after smelling it. A few days later, I had a leak. And the next night, another leak. And later that night... another leak. Maintenance came (very nice crew, by the way) and found/fixed the leak, but I could not get management to communicate with me regarding the repairs. My walk-in closet had flooded three times at this point, and maintenance said that they would have to replace it. I finally got the Property Manager to confirm that they replaced the pad, but NOT the carpet. They did not vacuum or clean the carpet after it had been soaked with water from an unidentified "drain" pipe. To give you a frame of reference, the first leak occurred on January 12th and I immediately contacted maintenance. It is now January 23rd, and it has not been fully resolved despite many emails, phone calls, and in-person visits. You see, the other aspect of this issue is that the office staff is hardly ever available. You could call 25 times throughout the day at random and you MIGHT get them to answer once or twice. I waited days at a time for an email response from the Property Manager, and she would respond vaguely and not answer all of my questions... leading to more emails, more wait time, etc. etc. So now here we are, roughly 10 days later. I arrived home last night and heard howling coming from my bedroom. My cat had been locked in the room. I always check to make sure they are out before I leave, so I emailed the PM and asked if anyone had entered my unit, because the day before I had emailed and explicitly stated that I had no idea about progress or status of the repair(s), and I stated that I would like to be notified when someone would enter the unit. She replied and stated that she did not have to inform me of anything, stated that I "had to stop demanding" things from her, and then stated that I KNEW about that maintenance request. Folks, I did not put in a maintenance request for anything. There was a leak 10 days ago, and they are still entering my unit at random to fix things piece by piece without my knowledge. So I called to inform the PM about the issue and to ask (or beg, at this point) for her to not send people into my unit without a quick note to me so I could go home at lunch and check on my pets. She listened to my complaint, stated that she could not speak at that moment, and hung up. Guys, at this point I feel like it's a personal vendetta against me. The PM has had to deal with several issues involving my unit and I GET IT... it's annoying. Imagine how annoying it is for me. I haven't had a closet in almost two weeks. My carpet smells like dog pee. I've had to babysit leaks for days at a time, because they occurred on a weekend and could not be resolved until a business day apparently. And now, in addition to all of this, I worry about my pet's comfort and safety while I'm at work, because I have no idea when people are going in and out of my unit... and this was not for an emergency. It was, she stated, to touch up paint after they fixed the drywall where they had to open the wall and look for the leak 10 days prior. It took them 10 days to touch up paint... NOT an emergency situation. NOT a need for you to enter my unit without my knowledge. NOT a reason to make my cat suffer. Now, thankfully they have allowed me out of my lease. I do greatly, immensely appreciate that. That is why they received 2 stars and not 1.
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The High Grove

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