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The Hub at Baton Rouge

5116 Highland Rd

Baton Rouge, LA 70808



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2005
I moved in to the complex about 6 months before R.W. Day took over, so I spent a good bit of time with both management groups. The building is old, so there are plenty of small problems that are to be expected with an old property, but the old management was always extemely courteous and friendly. If there were problems, they got fixed relatively quickly, but were always, at the very least, addressed. The quality of living took a complete nose dive when R.W. Day took over. Everything you read about the new management is absolutely true. The office staff is beyond incompetent. If you have problems, expect to have to call constantly to get help, which may never actually come. They're rude, disorganized, they loose all your forms and forget everything, they give you the run around and bounce blame from one employee to the other while not addressing any of your problems no matter how much you bug them about it. When I complained about my internet being down for over a month they told me that if it was that much of a problem I should have been calling the office every day, but my neighbors and I WERE calling every day. I also had leaks in my living room and bedroom ceilings that grew continually worse over the course of 3 months. I called them constantly over that time period, filled out two different maintenance request forms, because they lost one, and wrote three letters to the office. Only after I threatened legal action and showed them polaroids of my collapsed ceiling and damaged furniture did they respond to the issue, stating that they hadn't realized that the problem was so bad. Even when they fixed the ceiling that fell in my living room, they still didn't paint over the mold and water damage on my bedroom ceiling. After that entire ordeal they still didn't give me back my deposit when I moved out and have never contacted me about returning it. They give you no grace period, if your rent is not in by the 1st, they charge you a late fee. Even if you do pay on time, like I did every month, they will constantly issue you notices that you haven't payed either because they made an accounting mistake or just simply as a scheme to get you to come into the office so they can talk to you. Like the rest of the reviewers said, the rent was raised by over a hundred dollars for the nearly useless features they added. Internet that works for about 2 weeks out of the month before it goes down, but they'll still charge you full price for it. Intrusion alarms that they never taught us how to use, and don't work unless you have a land line. If you use your cell phone as your primary phone then you're out of luck. My tires were slashed in the parking lot and when I went to the office they told me that they noticed the tires slashed earlier in the morning, but they failed to notify me. When they painted or cleaned the buildings they issued notices on car windows the night before informing us that our cars would be towed if they were in the way the following morning. The notices were issued so late, however, that if you didn't go out to your car that night or early the next morning you wouldn't see it in time. And that's not nearly every problem I had during the time I spent with the new management. I could go on forever, but I'll spare you. Just take the hint from these reviews, and save yourself the grief. Live somewhere else. . .Anywhere else.
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The Hub at Baton Rouge

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