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Tiger Plaza & Stadium Square

4445 Alvin Dark

Baton Rouge, LA 70820


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psinger • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2005
I am a graduate student at LSU and I take quiet very seriously because I always have a ton of work to do.I am not even going to mention the noise from the bars because that is not the responsibility of the complex. I will begin with the noise inside the complex-ridiculous!! I can not count the number of times I had to get out of bed at two, three, and four o`clock in morning to tell freshman to turn down the music and go to bed. Basically if you wanted any sleep between Wednesday and Saturday night, your best bet would be to find somewhere else to sleep. also the courtesy officer doesn`t exist. I called several times and no one ever showed up and the people answering the phone were rude. The staff advertises the cyber cafe with food- the only food you will get is if you come around when they are trying to lease apartments, during the school year you might get stale popcorn. and the meals during finals are great if you show up right on time otherwise the first 10 guys that get there eat all the food. When I moved into tiger plaza the apartment was completely filthy. we complained to the staff and they acknowledged that the apartment was dirty, the carpets and the walls were obviously not cleaned or painted. We also indicated this on our move-in checklist. When we moved out we only got $30 back of our $250. The apartment was ten times cleaner then when we moved in. Tammy Lane, the property director, was told and she did nothing about it. We even got charged $3 for a light bulb. If you want to e-mail me I still have all the documents and pictures about the apartments. I do not mind sharing the lease or any other document with you. I moved out of tiger plaza as soon as the lease ended. Now I live at Bluebonnett Place Apartments and it is a thousand times better than Tiger Plaza. The apartment conditions are pretty equal plus they have a fitness room. They even have a computer room with a fax and copier. The rent is much cheaper even though it does not include all the utilities (Just water). Of course there are still some parties but nothing to the extent of tiger plaza and I am assured that if I were to call the security officer he would come. The staff is very competent and efficient, I really have no complaints about BBP. After living at Tiger Plaza BBP is a paradise. There is not enough space to tell you everything that is wrong about Tiger Plaza but again if you really want to know e-mail me I will answer all your questions. Mainly everything negative said about this complex from other people is entirely true.
Tiger Plaza & Stadium Square Manager08/08/2018

Hi, thank you for your honest feedback. Resident feedback always helps us improve. We apologize for your less than 5 star experience with our property. Customer service is the most important thing we do, and we want all residents to be comfortable in their homes.

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Tiger Plaza & Stadium Square

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