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Turnberry Place at Bluebonnet



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Office Staff
karlimichele • Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 08/20/2013
I don't usually write these online reviews because, quite honestly, I have a hard time distinguishing true tenants from office management, and legitimate complaints from whiney little brats that are dumb enough not to read their lease before signing it; so I find these things frustrating, one minute I'm reading a review that says the manager is the ----- and the apartment is falling apart, and the next I'm reading a review that says the same complex is the greatest place on earth. So hopefully amidst all of the arguing and politics someone might be able to read my words of reason and sincerity. My husband and I have lived in 3 different apartment complexes in Baton Rouge in the past three years. He works out of state in the summers so we have always had to pack everything up anyway. The first two places we lived were really aesthetically pleasing, were newer, and seemed really nice, but we soon learned that all apartments are made of the same contractor grade crap around here. We paid a ton of money for better LOOKING, but smaller living space. This last time around we were going to sign another lease at our previous apartment because we loved the location, had a friend in the office that could actually make sure our maintenance requests were performed, and it was easy and familiar. Until they wanted to increase our rent almost $300 a month. We panicked and found Turnberry Place just across the street and signed a lease out of state just to secure an apartment for when we came back. I have to admit that when we first moved in I was a little disappointed. The flooring in our kitchen and bathrooms is out of date and our carpet isn't perfect. Clean, but stained and worn. But, after being here for a couple weeks I came to the realization that linoleum is linoleum and cheap carpet is cheap carpet. Whether it's fake wood flooring linoleum or outdated white tile linoleum it's still the same quality, and this apartment is just as clean and livable as any other we have been in. The part that makes me wish we had found this place 2 years ago is the office staff. We've come to expect apartment management to be super helpful and friendly UNTIL we sign our lease. Then it becomes impossible to get a hold of them and expecting a maintenance person to come fix something within three weeks is way too much to ask. HOWEVER, a week after moving in I went in with that little sheet of paper where you write down all the little things that are wrong with your apartment, ready to fight for what I deserved and to defend myself when the Manager here, Lisa, put in a maintenance request for each and every item on my list to be addressed, and the head of maintenance came within the hour to check everything out. By the end of the week it was all taken care of. My husband and I were both in awe that there is still a decent, effective apartment management team out there. So in awe that I BAKED THEM COOKIES to say thank you. Yeah, that doesn't happen often. Moral of the story is this: Turnberry Place might not be super glamorous, but it's clean, well maintained, and well managed. I would take a competent staff over fake granite and fake hardwoods any day!!!!!
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Turnberry Place at Bluebonnet

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