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Turnberry Place at Bluebonnet



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2017
Stay away with this property, especially with the current management team. I totally agree with the most recent comments posted by another resident. It seems that recently the members of the management team have been changed dramatically and now it is absolutely the worst management I have ever seen. At the first glance, you may find the hardware of the apartment seems pretty nice, such as location, outfit, and appearance. However, when you move in, you will notice a lot of service faults. 1, It seems that the appliances in this apartment tend to be dysfunctional easily. Just as described by the other resident, I also had the experience of having an AC unit broken at the hottest time of the whole summer; what made things even worse was the amazingly slow response of service request. I had to stay in an apartment without AC for A WHOLE WEEK while the temperature of Baton Rouge was around 100 degree F! Each time you called, they would tell you it is on the way... for a whole week in summer. It also took them 5 days to change a broken light bulb. The whole service is sluggish. They may talk to you nicely; but they just do nothing to respond your service request promptly. 2, Dog waste is everywhere. Dogs are nice; but leaving the dog waste in front of your doorstep is not. What made things even worse was that even after I told the management team that there were dog waste in front of the door, I was ensured by the management team that they would send someone to clean it up someone has never come. I was fortunate enough to watch how dog waste was degraded naturally in Baton Rouge over 5 days. 3, When I moved in, there were trash piles in my closet. I asked them to clean it up. Yes, the apartment seemed to be nice, unless you were not comfortable with seeing cockroaches from time to time. 4, Pay extra caution with the moving out procedure, 'cause they will play dirty tricks to take away your deposit (and even more). I have lived in many apartments. A lot of other apartment properties now have the pre-moving-out cleaning payment option, called " hassle-free move-out fee"; basically you pay a certain amount of cleaning fee (~$200) in advance and you are free to go without being hassled with cleaning issue. I liked this kind of option and used it a lot; I have never had any trouble with other properties. Note, this property also offered this option without claiming "hassle-free" and I took that option as always. Later I realized why they dared not to claim that, because they wanted to trick you with the word "minimal" cleaning in the paperwork and made up excuses to take away your deposit. They did not even bother to define what the "minimal" cleaning is and publicly said that "minimal" cleaning is subjective to their opinion. In order to take your deposit, they MADE UP ridiculous excuses, such as acid-washing a bathtub that has never been used and maintained clean as original and acid-washing a sink vanity only used for 1-2 times per month; plus the cleaning fee charge to clean a sink was the market price to clean a small swimming pool. Yes, as you imagined, they did not even bother to show the itemized bills. In summary, stay away this property with absolutely the worst management team.
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Turnberry Place at Bluebonnet

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