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Venue at North Gate



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/07/2015
Absolutely hated my four year experience at the Venue! DO NOT MOVE TO THE VENUE! Office staff is extremely unprofessional. Amenities are poor and work poorly. Maintenance is horrible. Service is very cheap. They recently spent time and money repainting the OUTSIDE of the complex, and the hallways, which were fine, when they should have put money into updating the horrible horrible horrible interiors. I lived in three different apartments within my four year tenure at the venue. Apartment 1: a refrigerator that would not stay cold, all food spoiled. Staff would always come in to "fix" the problem temporarily, it only worked for a few days and would be out again. this was a cycle. Apartment 2: actually wasn't that bad, horrible leak under the kitchen sink that took months for them to come in and look at. Apartment 3: ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, the AC GOES OUT at least 3 times a month, something is wrong with the AC unit clearly, but they will not fix the problem, only temporarily. It gets HOT in Louisiana. There is a pipe above the tub in my bathroom, that leaks water into the tub and leaves a nasty brow stain, no matter how much you bleach and scrub it. When asked why they wont fix it,they say its supposed to do that. "WTF?" just nasty. Don't feel comfortable in my own home. There are also sugar ants, silver fish, and spiders. Parking garage is convienent however, people don't know how to park, so your car will be hit, just be prepared for that, being mine has been hit more than once by horrible parkers. anyway goodluck. The only reason i stayed at the venue was because it is the closest off campus apartments to campus. campus is literally a 2 minute walk from the venue, however i didn't have a car until my senior year so my parents made me stay. AND RENT is very high, for the poor quality. I woulnd mind paying such high rent for something of great quality.
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Venue at North Gate

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