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Alexis Park Apartments



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
Everything was nice in the beginning until my room flooded. I moved in in the summer and what they say about the pool not being open is true. I also experienced flooding in my apartment recently on the weekend and reported it the same day and when maintenance came he told me he could feel that my carpet was wet and I was 2 feet from the window and he was behind me with his shoes on. He said he would seal the outside but nothing was done on the inside as far as my carpet being soaked. I never heard back from them all weekend and on Monday I called again and asked to speak to the owners. I was told by management that the maintenance said my carpet was barely wet. And guess what when you ask to speak to the owners you won't be given a number! Management will call them and have them call you and when you speak with them they won't give you a number to reach them. Upper management then told me that it was my responsibility to have renters insurance even though their unit flooded through the wall of my bedroom. Not only did it set for the whole weekend but I had to call again on Monday to get something done. I was told by upper management that it would take 2 days and that they would be done by Thursday after 5pm. This was a Monday. When I returned home after work on Monday a note was on the door stating that I would have to leave the locks would be changed and I could not return to my apartment until Thursday after 5 pm. Guess what they don't want to pay you for a motel room but only for what your rent was for 2 days as re-imbursement even though they wanted me to be out for 3 days. Don't mention the damage done to my new bed for sitting in a wet carpet which still has not been cleaned even after a week! No concern for me or my property at all. When I was allowed back in I came home to a window wide open view for everyone to see into my bedroom because they had removed the blinders and my curtains and didn't put them back so everyone had full view of my bedroom and everything in it. When he told me the work was done it wasn't and I saw him the following Sunday showing an apt. to a couple and asked him when my apt. would be done. He said he would come to see me immediately. When he came he said he was under the impression that my apt. was done. I showed him that it wasn't and he said he thought it was. I told him that I would think that he would check to see that it was done after something like that occured. He said himself that the work was not done like it was suppose to be and I asked him why he didn't check when it was done and he said he was off Friday and Sat. but yet when he left me the message that it was done it was Thursday when he was at work. The apt was suppose to be done in two days which whould have been Tue-Wed. but I wasn't allowed back in til Thursday after 5 pm which is another day that they did not want to pay me for being out and it still isn't done even today Tuesday of the following week.
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Alexis Park Apartments

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