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Lexington Place Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
The apartments look nice and seem to be a good value for the money, but I have had a few problems: -The walls are as thin as paper- I could literally hear my neighbor snoring at night, not to mention the noisy college age girls screaming at one another below us -The fire alarms go of frequently and without cause- all the time. Day, night, it doesn't matter. This isn't some piddly beeping- this is an ear-shattering, soul-crushing noise. I lived there for 2 years and it was never alleviated, I called the front once and the manager acted like I was crazy. -Parking is hit or miss (mostly miss). There's a lot of turnover b/c it's near the air base so sometimes it's good, but mostly not. -New management sucks. I never had a problem until a new manager took over and it's been nothing but since. Our lease was up and we decided to go month to month (so our rent changed) my husband flubbed the numbers when he paid and we accidentally paid $10 less than we were supposed to- I came home to an eviction notice on my door! We had never been late once and were off by $10 right after our rent amount changed. I think that deserves a phone call, not an eviction notice. The manager blew it off when I asked why no one had called us, apparently the "computer did it." Also, after I moved someone shipped a package to me (I now live 4 hours away) and they would not ship it to me, even with me offering to pay for it- the best they can do is hold it. There are some good things- I have only had good interactions with maintenance, they show up quickly, go out of their way to help, and are very nice.
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Lexington Place Apartments

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