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St. Charles Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2007
St Charles Place Apartments are filthy, disgusting, unprofessional, unsafe and everything seems to be broken/out of service with never-ending promises to be repaired. The laundry room is a complete joke...over half of the machines have had notices on them saying "Out of Order" and "Parts ordered...coming soon"...for at LEAST 6 months now....and the machines that DO supposedly work...don't. The washers dont spin properly, leaving you with dripping wet clothes half the time and the dryer needs to be put on 2-3 cycles to get things dry even when your clothes HAVE come out of the washer fully spun. Our car has been vandalised and broken into a couple of times and the gates on this "gated community" do NOT ever close as they too are broken. LOL! Anything that is broken in your apartment takes months of hounding to get fixed and most of the time the office staff will be shocked as they were under the impression it had been fixed as the job has been signed off by maintenance....obviously the "maintenance staff" have been signing off jobs as complete when they havent even bothered to do them. Not only that, the apartments are filthy apon moving in...we had toenails in our bathroom draws along with what seemed to be pubic hair and cigarette butts stuffed down our sink...Everything has a fresh coat of paint though! From the cupboards (painted over hair and small insects) to the BATH TUB..The apartments are not sound proofed although they are right next to the freeway so invest in some good earmuffs if you like to sleep at night. Air con/heating breaks down if it is too hot or too cold outside. All the draws in the kitchen are falling to pieces. The pool was closed half the summer due to the Health Board closing it down....not surprising as it was always green and filthy. And that's just the main pool...there is a second pool which is permenantly closed as apparently "it just won't stay clean...Oh my goodness we've tried everything and it just keeps going green?!" The gym equipment is all broken and long out of date....<br>There is much more but who has the time...DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS HELL PIT!!!!!
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St. Charles Place Apartments

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