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Stockwell Landing



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emeraldgreen757 • Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/26/2012
First apartment they moved us in had ROACHES, then was nearly an issue to get us moved out. Question is....how did NOBODY see these little roaches and still let us move in?! We get a puppy right before they move us into the new unit and they had a cow about this acting as if we were not going to tell them about this......Because of puppy urine they charged us 2000.00!! Now this was to replace new carpet and the new unit they sent us to the carpet was not new and ragged! Spider issues were also an issue and I incurred doctors bills because of them, they sent someone out to look for them and he suggested little sticky traps and to call him if I wanted to do this....I called and they NEVER responded. There is NEVER good parking, at least at building 14 (that general area) and when we have complained about neighbor kids and the messes in the breeze way noise, it is af if nothing was ever done. This place is over rated!!! For the price we pay ($1200 a month for a 2 bedroom) it is NOT worth it. NOTHING luxury about this place, whatsoever. In addition, the layout is weird and I really wished we would have shopped around a bit more, but Shay (who use to work here) was so sweet and that is what did it for me, but she isn't here anymore! Oh! and do not let your puppy use porch when not home to go number 1 or 2 because IF you do not get to it until the next day it may be their inspection day and they get mad. It is ridiculous! I work at a well known company in Bossier City and have communicated this to MANY people already and have told people NOT to move here, the ones that do move here do not know me so they were uninformed. The people that we did know that lived here have moved out also :-) You may not even need your gate key all the time either.....it remains open quite a bit.....Don't we pay extra to have that closed as security? Hmmmmmmm........ Office management? Get a job at the mall, that's where I feel your attitudes and professionalism lay!!! PS-Can't wait to move out in several months!! :D
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Stockwell Landing

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