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Mansions At Ivy Lake



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traveling_man79 • Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2014
RENTERS BEWARE! ! The overall appeal of the complex is deceiving. The complex is off the main road and you have to take a drive up a long driveway to get to the actual complex which makes it feel as if you've found something exclusive. Once you move in all of that is gone. I cannot stress enough, if you do decide to live here, insist that you are shown the ACTUAL apartment you will be living in BEFORE you sign the lease. On my day of move in, the counters were dirty, toilets not cleaned and stained, blinds were dirty, the garbage disposal did not work, and the ceiling fans were caked with dirt! Thank god I documented everything b/c they tried to screw me when I moved out. The only parking you will have is your garage and IF you have a spot in front of it that. Parking in anywhere but the very back of the complex is a nightmare. No light fixtures on the ceiling fans. Repairs done to the unit was shabby, fixtures for lights installed badly, holes around windows patched up with caulking then painted over. One of the maintenance guys bragged about the large bonus checks they would get each year for keeping maintenance costs down and was a perfect explanation for the sub-par work that was done. Why not cut corners to pad their hefty bonuses? I will say in my unit I never heard my neighbors and they told me they never heard me but they did complain about their other neighbors. I think it was the location of my unit that made the difference. Units were not planned out thoughtfully during the building phase, garages for neighboring units built under the bedrooms for another unit(upstairs units).Before moving in pay attention to where your neighbors garage is or be subject to having to listen to the roar of their garage door opening and closing through your thin walls! Gated community was a joke. Total of two gates one on left one on the right.Each gate served as an entrance and exit and took forever to close so no problem for anyone to get in. My guests always gained access this way as it was faster than using the dial pad on the gate to call me! The grounds are very well maintained but I'm pretty sure that is because the work is done by a sub-contractor.Overpriced everything at this complex, water bill stays high no matter how little water you use, and you are stuck with only overpriced eatel cable! After a month of living here I felt I had been taken. For the price of rent and utilities , a little more researching would have find me renting from a selection of the nice homes in the area for less! ! Do your homework people, the previous reviews are accurate and the attitude of the manager who you can see responding to the reviews and even arguing with some reviewers speaks for itself. She has time to troll these review boards and respond and try to defend against truthful comments but can never find time to return a phone call! Figures..
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Mansions At Ivy Lake

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