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Mansions At Ivy Lake



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/06/2010
It looks ideal from the outside, but don't expect quiet. People let their children run wild basically and I never see a parent around. I guess they don't want their kids yelling and carrying on by their own apartment and just put them out to annoy everyone else. The feral kids will also look in your windows, for long periods or at least until you let them know you can see them, if you open your blinds. However, they will do it again 5 minutes later even if you run them off. Like I said feral kids, no parents in sight. If you live downstairs you will also hear everything going on above you. Complaining hasn't seemed to help, neither has banging on the ceiling repeatedly. The parking is decent but since people are always parking along the curbs where they shouldn't it can be troublesome to drive in/out manuvering around cars and the roaming kids. The staff is really nice, one of the maintenance people seems to have attitude but it is only show. Call his bluff and the attitude disappears. Maybe he just had a bad day that day, who knows. They probably need more maintenance people to get to everything since I still have some stuff that needs to be fixed. Also, when it rains you may have a problem flushing your toilet. Yeah overpriced is the word I would use to describe this place, not luxury. Overall it is an apartment. If you like apartment living I guess it would be ok but it is expensive for what it is. Personally, I think a trailer would be the same quality for less money, no noisy neighbors, toilet that flushes even in the rain and no wild children running around.
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Mansions At Ivy Lake

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