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Mansions At Ivy Lake



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/03/2011
Been here for about 6 months and can't wait to leave. Neighbors that moved in after we did and above us have kids that stomp and run around all the time. It's nearly constant and drives us up a wall. Even a friend that slept over was woken up one morning by them. We called management and they don't care no matter how nice they seem on the phone. They don't follow through on anything. Won't even call the next day after your complaint(I have made several). Said they would come up with a solution and call us back but never called. When we originally viewed the apartments they told us about the concrete layer between the apartments and that we would only really hear upstairs neighbors if they drop something heavy. This is bull. They shouldn't allow people with such rowdy kids to live in an upstairs unit. On top of that the kids parent's are more concerned with being outside and smoking on their balcony than watching their kids. This place is loaded with kids and parents that don't care(I rarely see these kids' parents). I'm talking small kids that should be watched closer. Usually around the mailboxes there is a group of kids running around being loud and obnoxious. Kids riding bikes flying around blind corners to where you almost hit them. It's not only management but also the class of people here is low. Is this section 8 or something? Place looks nice and its nice having an attached garage but I cannot stand it here. Also, too many people hang out in their garage like low class people and constantly park on curbsides when its against the rules. Another thing management doesn't handle correctly. If you still feel you must live here, sign up for the shortest lease you can b/c you'll probably want to leave before it's even up.
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Mansions At Ivy Lake

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